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Office Coffee Service

Improved employee productivity, retention and job satisfaction are among the key benefits of a quality Office Coffee Service in the workplace. The majority of coffee consumed in the US is now specialty coffee, and if your employees can’t get it at work chances are they’re leaving to get it elsewhere. Visitors and guests to your office will be impressed with your hospitality and the quality of your coffee offerings. At Bean Creek we have solutions ranging from simple brewing systems to upscale bean-to-cup systems at reasonable prices and with little to no up-front costs. We are an authorized distributor for quality BUNN brewing systems. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to create a solution that’s perfect for your office and helps you demonstrate the value of your employees.

Café or Retail

Your customers demand the best in terms of coffee selections, quality and taste. We can provide your business with a complete lineup of gourmet coffee offerings including unique, delicious single-origins for brewing or pour-overs, as well as custom blends to your taste for drip or espresso-based drinks. Our freshly roasted bagged coffees are a hit with customers as well, allowing them to purchase great coffee from your shop at attractive margins.

At Bean Creek we understand the importance of integrity, compassion and relationships. Service and product quality are critical and we love the opportunity to partner with retailers to help you attract and retain loyal customers for years to come. Contact us and let’s discuss your unique needs and our solutions.


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