Pepper Place Market 2019 Schedule

Good morning! Thanks to you - our loyal customers - we had another record-setting day at the Market at Pepper Place yesterday. All of our hard work in the roastery is worth it when we have the chance to meet & talk with you, hear your questions, talk about coffee and see you enjoy our products.

In response to all of you who asked about our market schedule this year, we decided to post it here on the Blog. This schedule is for the remaining 2019 dates at Pepper Place Market. We may also have dates at other venues/events throughout the year and when we do we’ll let you know via social media. Of course you know that any of these dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • May 18th

  • June 1st

  • June 29th

  • July 13th

  • July 27th

  • August 24th

  • September 7th

  • September 28th

  • October 12th

  • October 19th

  • November 2nd

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support. As we continue to grow, we’re in talks with grocery stores to have Bean Creek gourmet coffees on their shelves. If you don’t see us in your local grocery store tell the manager you’d like to see our products there!

If you have questions or ever need anything please reach out at or call us at 877-462-7335.