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Welcome to Bean Creek Coffee

Kurt & Sarah Eaton


Bean Creek was started in 2018 by Kurt & Sarah Eaton out of a love for gourmet coffees and a desire to share our passion with others. Our business model is simple: we buy only the best quality green coffees from around the world, and only those that are ethically sourced - meaning that the farmers and producers receive above-market prices and can support their farm workers & their communities. Sustainability and transparency in the supply chain is important to the specialty coffee industry and, quite simply, it’s the right thing to do.

Once we’ve received our green coffees, each batch is carefully craft-roasted to highlight its unique flavor profile and the particular characteristics it brings as a result of climate, altitude, soil conditions, etc. The result is a delightful, approachable list of coffee offerings (both single-origin and blends) which are a pleasure to experience and share with you. We believe our roasted coffees are among the finest you can find anywhere - and we offer something for every taste.

A core value of ours is helping others in need. We support people and communities. Towards that end we’ve started a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization called CoffeeCares.org, which exists to leverage our collective love of coffee to provide help for our brothers and sisters suffering from homelessness, hunger, addiction and domestic violence. Please visit CoffeeCares.org to learn more about our mission and what you can do to help.

Thanks for supporting us! We always love hearing from our customers so please reach out to us at kurt@beancreekcoffee.com or sarah@beancreekcoffee.com if you have questions or would just like to learn more about us and Bean Creek Coffee.

Kurt & Sarah Eaton

Birmingham, AL